The ELF SAVAGE 110 SE Precision Rifle Trigger is the pinnacle of drop-in trigger systems for the Savage 110 and Axis precision rifles. It is infinitely adjustable from less than 1.25lbs to over 4lbs. This trigger has the incredible feel and crisp break that ELF triggers are known for even at the highest weight. One of the unique and proprietary features of this trigger, Aerospace grade roller bearings are key to the consistency and smoothness of the pull. The bearings are press fit into the EDM wire cut trigger bar, and the precision ground shaft is press fit into the bearings. This results in absolutely no play in any components.  The trigger shoe is aluminum and easily adjustable, with both curved and flat shoes included. Available anodized red or black.

100% Made in the USA with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

Elftmann SAVAGE 110 SE Precision Rifle Trigger