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Red River Arms LLC is a family business. What that means to us is several things: first off, we created the business with the idea that it would be ongoing, father to son, to son; a business that will prosper and sustain our family beyond the oldest current generation. And for that reason, the integrity of the business, the integrity of how we do business, means everything to us. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality products at fair and reasonable prices. Our customers are the foundation of our business and the key to our success. We believe in treating our customers with informed service, respect, and an understanding that sometimes things don’t go quite the way we planned, or that you (the customer) expected. If that happens, we will stand behind our products and provide you with a fair and reasonable solution. We are in the business of selling ammunition and firearms. This is a highly regulated business. So please take a few minutes to read our Store Policy so that you understand how we handle sales, order fulfillment, returns, and especially Your Privacy, which we will always do our utmost to protect.


As American Citizens, we have a Constitutional right to own guns, buy ammunition, shoot those guns in a lawful manner however we choose, and hunt game in the great natural wildlands of The United States. We believe in and support those rights. Our business exists to contribute to making it possible for you to enjoy those rights. 

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