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Sterling Cross Defense Systems Corp. (SCDS) was founded in 2008 in Abbottsford, British Columbia, Canada. Initially SCDS was engaged in selling ammunition, assorted weaponry, armored vehicles, crowd control equipment, body armor, etc. to international law enforcement, militaries, and governments. In 2009 SCDS began manufacturing its own brand of ammunition to be sold in Canada & worldwide for Law Enforcement and recreational hunting and sporting use. In 2010 SCDS began supplying the Canadian National Law Enforcement and Canadian Department of National Defense with ammunition, weaponry, and other equipment. In 2012, Sterling Cross added a commercial sales division to serve the Canadian hunting and sporting goods market, selling to over 500 retailers within Canada. Sterling Cross Brands include WARTAK, Shooter Brand, Hunter Brand, Black Goose Sports, and Sterling Cross Premium Ammunition. The specialist team that works within SCDS draw on their experience from Military, Law Enforcement, Police Technical Staff, Engineering, and Retail Commercial Sales. 

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